About Us


The mission of Career Ventures, Inc. is to establish the framework for successful transitions in the three following areas:

    • Career Services – To partner with customers in creating a customized career service plan that promotes independence, competence, and success in the work place.
    • Business Services – To educate employers in hiring persons with disabilities and matching companies with individuals who have the knowledge, skills and abilities for the job.
    • Independent Living Skills Services – To foster skills needed for independent living by providing instruction and applied activities in a supportive and safe environment.


Occupational Communication Specialist Mission Statement (OCS)

Christine Marble, (current co-founder and Executive Director of CVI) in January 2000, co-founded the Occupational Communication Specialist group while working at the Minnesota Employment Center. She co-founded this group along with Diane Currie-Richardson who works as an OCS and is employed by the MN Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Members of the Minneapolis / St. Paul Occupational Communication Specialist group developed the following OCS mission statement.

The primary mission of OCSes should be to facilitate Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard-of-Hearing consumers’ successful integration into the workforce. OCSes should pursue this Mission by:

  • Assisting customers to secure, maintain, and advance in employment to the fullest extent possible.
  • Educating customers, employers, and other members of the workforce about clear and effective communication.
  • Promoting independent, shared communications between customers and their co-workers, employers, and their service providers.
  • Implementing reasonable accommodations and advocating for the rights and integrity of customers, their co-workers, and employers.