Our Philosophy

Who We Are

Transition is defined as a movement, passage, or a change from one position to another. Career Ventures, Inc. is a career service company that provides assistance for individuals seeking employment or a new career path who are in a time of transition. Some life events that can trigger a transition period are:

  • Returning to the workforce after a long period of absence.
  • Entering the workforce for the first time.
  • Graduating from or attending a high school or a post-secondary setting.
  • Experiencing a sudden or gradual vision and/or hearing loss.
  • Relocating to the United States as a newly arrived immigrant.
  • Returning from the armed forces.
  • A recent job loss.

Navigating a new or unknown transitional experience can be an overwhelming process. We at Career Ventures, Inc. see our role as field guides by providing supportive and informative guidance throughout this passage. We work to creat Individualized road maps for each customer because we believe that each transition experience is unique. We are committed to working in partnership with each individual in mapping out their destination and identifying their true north.


What We Believe

You have knowledge, skills and abilities to share, cultivate, and contribute in the workforce and with the community at large. You have hopes, dreams and aspirations of what you want to achieve in life. CVI exists to partner with you, our potential customer, referring agencies, and employers in identifying and removing potential barriers that may impede your success.