Job Placement

Once a job goal has been identified and the customer’s job readiness skills have been determined, Career Ventures, Inc. will assist the customer in finding employment that meets his/her interests, knowledge, skills and abilities and preference with respect to geographic location. Some of the ways Career Ventures, Inc. helps customers find their desired employment include:

  • Assisting in providing customers with current job leads and openings.
  • Provide interpreting services, if needed.
  • Customize the customer’s resume to best fit the employment opportunity.
  • Assist the customer in drafting cover letters and post-interview thank you letters.
  • Network with potential employers and business communities.
  • Review interview practice questions.
  • Provide a comprehensive approach to criminal history, if applicable.
  • Coordinating job coaches upon hire, if needed.
  • Educate employers on ADA and accommodations, if needed.