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  • NTFDBI DeafBlind Day 2013 - Registration is now open!

    In case you haven't heard about DeafBlind Day, it’s an exciting event that happens in Indianapolis, IN on August 8, 2013. The DeafBlind community and the interpreter community will be brought together to learn from each other through exciting and highly interactive workshops. You can find out more about DeafBlind Day by visiting their newly re-designed website. Below are some quick links to get you started:

    DeafBlind Day Program Guide:

    DeafBlind Day Online Registration:

    If you are not able to attend DeafBlind Day but would like to support DeafBlind Day, please visit their Support page at

  • June 11, 2013      Hub Students Celebrate the Last Day of School

    The Hub students celebrated their last day of the school year by having a picnic at Minnehaha Falls. After lunch the students toured the park and enjoyed some leisure time down at the creek. The students were also awarded certificates for participating in the program. Lineth Saybe and Juan Diego were granted "graduation certificates" for successfully completing the Hub Transition program. They both will be missed by CVI and MDS. It has been a great year for the CVI Hub Transition program in partnership with Metro Deaf School. All the staff at CVI want to wish all students a happy and productive summer. The Hub will be back in the fall!

    Hub students and staff sitting at picnic table. Pictured from left to right: Sarah Vigness (CVI Intern), Jesse Rushton (Hub Transition Coordinator), Clarissa Felixberger, Gage Miske, Lineth Saybe, and Hilary Shadler, (CVI Employment Specialist) CVI staff and students with Hub students holding Hub participation and graduation certificates standing near the Minnehaha creek. From left to right: Back row: Jesse Rushton (Hub Transition Coordinator), Wendy DeVore (CVI Organization Executive). Front row left to right: Lineth Saybe, Gage Miske, Clarissa Felixberger, and Hilary Shadler (CVI Employment Specialist)

  • May 29 - June 1, 2013      2013 ADARA National Conference

    CVI staff members attended the 2013 ADARA (American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association) National Conference that was held at the Hilton in Bloomington, MN. The theme for this year’s event was, “Blazing New Trails.” The conference was well attended offering numerous workshops presented by many local and national presenters. CVI’s very own Chris Marble (Executive Director) and Steve Oglesbee (DeafBlind Specialist) were chosen to present during the lightening rounds on, “Employment-Focused Best Practices for Economic Empowerment of DeafBlind Individuals.” The next ADARA conference will be held in 2015 in Rochester, New York. Please check out our CVI Facebook page for more photos of the the 2013 ADARA conference.

    Chris and Steve presenting on stage. CART, a live captioning service was also provided along with sign language interpreters by the ADARA conference. Minnesotans that attended or participated in the deafblind workshops at ADARA. From left to right; Alan Kenney, Sally Prouty, Cori Giles, Lynette Boyer, Katie Thorpe, Chris Marble, Dick Strong, Wendy DeVore and Mary Hartnett.

  • 5-17-13      Hub Students Tour St. Paul College

    This week the Hub students toured St. Paul College, a technical community college located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Through a sign-language interpreter a SPC representative gave the students a tour of the campus and of some of the classes in session. The students had an opportunity to learn about the enrollment process and training for a variety of careers. The students then bought a SPC sweatshirt from the student bookstore bringing a perfect finish to an exciting day!

    4 Hub students pose outdoors in front of a large St. Paul College sign located on the lawn outside of the college.

    5-17-13      Hub Woodworking Projects

    Gage, a CVI Hub Transition and Metro Deaf School student working on a couple of wood projects at the Hub. Gary Duncan, a contractor with CVI who is also Deaf, coaches Gage while building a large computer printer stand. Gage is also working on building sign language, "I Love You" planter boxes to sell as a fundraising project for the Hub and Metro Deaf School.

    Gary and Gage checking the measurements on the printer table for accuracy. Gage is using a power tool to cut out a sign-language Gage smiling posing for the photo while working on the

  • 5-10-13      HUB Students Outing

    This week the Hub students rode the city bus and had lunch at 5 Guys in Dinky Town. Afterwards, they took a tour of the U of M Campus. It was a beautiful spring day full of activity!

    4 Hub students and 2 CVI staff members posing for picture sitting in a booth at 5 Guys burger place 4 Hub students and 2 CVI staff members standing under the 5 Guys sign outside 4 Hub students and 1 CVI staff member standing by flowers under a U of M sign outdoors on campus 2 U of M students and 1 CVI staff member posing for picture while riding on the city bus

  • 4-27-13      CVI at DeafNation Expo

    The Deaf National Expo was a huge success! About 65 vendors were present to explain their services. CVI staff had the opportunity to meet and interact with many Deaf and DeafBlind community members. We are looking forward to the next DeafNation Expo in 2015.

  • 12:40 PM 4/26/13      DeafBlind Awareness Training

    CVI’s Steve Oglesbee was invited to be a guest speaker at St. Paul College to first year interpreter training program students. He presented on the challenges and techniques when interpreting for a DeafBlind individual. Steve has a dynamic presentation style and the students were full of insightful questions and it was a wonderful experience overall!

    Steve with his interpreters    Steve and his interpreters field questions from interpreting students

  • 12:19 PM 4/26/13      Charting the Cs 2013 Cross Categorical Conference

    Wendy DeVore and Jesse Rushton have just returned from attending the Charting the Cs 2013 Cross Categorical Conference, a state-wide special education teacher’s conference hosted by Lakes Country Service Cooperative. The conference was held at the Arrowwood Resort, Alexandria, MN. Wendy and Jesse had the opportunity to attend a variety of excellent workshops detailing the latest assistive technology and educational approaches. CVI looks forward to implementing some of the valuable information that they learned within the CVI Transition Program.

    Picture of people at Charting the Cs Conference    Wendy and Jesse in front of CVI display board

  • 12:19 PM 4/19/13      Meet CVI at DeafNation Expo 2013

    Look for CVI's booth at DeafNation Expo 2013. DeafNation is a premier, established, worldwide leader of promotion and marketing in the Deaf community. These events are among the most far-reaching and diverse assortment found anywhere within the community. The Expo will be held at Concordia College in Saint Paul, MN on April 27th. For more information, please visit the DeafNation Event Page.

  • 12:13 PM 4/12/13      Help Support MDS on 4/18

    Metro Deaf School's Student Life program is hosting an all day fundraiser at the Roseville Davanni's location on Thursday April 18th. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy great food and awesome times! Feel free to stop by at any time as families and staff will be in/out throughout the day. 20% of pre-tax sales (eat-in or take-out only--not delivery items) will be donated to MDS as long as you remember to bring a ticket with you which you can print from the MDS website.

    Please share this with family and friends and lend a helping hand to a great cause!

    For more information, check out the event flyer.

  • 11:40 AM 4/5/13      Ace That Interview!

    Interviews. Hard to live with, seemingly impossible to avoid. But they're your chance to show an employer who you really are. You're more than your resume. You can do the work and also fit into their organization as a person.

    Like any important step in life, the interview has its potential stumbling blocks. Here's how to avoid the worst of them:

    Six Interview Mistakes

  • 11:04 AM 3/22/13      Hub Students Field Trip

    Today, the transition students will be visiting a local grocery store. They are responsible for creating a shopping list, prioritizing the items, creating a budget for them, locating each item and navigating the checkout line. CVI's Transition Hub strives to bring real world skills and knowledge to its students. While effectively navigating a grocery store may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, it is an important step towards increased responsibility, independence, and overall health.

    To find out more about what kinds of activities and lessons The CVI Transition Hub focuses on, please visit the CVI Transition Page.

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